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The Immigration Bill received  Royal Assent, introducing a series of reforms to further crack down on illegal migration... More

The Home Office has published its response to two reviews of Tier 2 policy, undertaken by the Migration Advisory Committee... More  

New application and service fees announced ... More

Premium (Same Day) Service

We are registered with the Home Office at Glasgow, Croydon London, and Belfast etc, for their Legal Representatives’ Same-Day Premium Service... More


We are providing advice and services to a wide range of communities for their individual immigration, asylum and nationality problems. We are able to offer a quality of the service.

We are familiar with the situations where a person is not able to live in the United Kingdom or not allowed to live with one's family or asked to return and face persecution in one's own country of origin.

We are dedicated to provide outstanding personalised services to make sure we acquire our clients' trust and satisfaction. We will always aim to save our clients money and reduce the stress involved in immigration matters.









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